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In Depth's Revival, you play as a college student that awakens his subconscious to change his life. With his subconscious help, he can become the man he always wanted to become.

The game itself focuses on romance and character stories. There's no particular main story. It's just you and your subconscious fixing your life while meeting with various girls and experiencing their life stories. And in the end, you can create your harem with all the girls you've met, or you can focus on a single girl and experience further of her story.

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Anal - Big Ass - Big Tits - Femdom (Optional) - Maledom (Optional) - Pregnancy - Harem - Feet - Titfuck - Virgin - MILF - Teacher - Romance - Oral Sex - Vaginal Sex. And a lot more!

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(66 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Erotic, harem, Hentai, Meaningful Choices, NSFW, pregnant, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
LinksCommunity, Community


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Depth's Revival (Chapter 9 Part I) - PC, Linux - MEGA
Depth's Revival (Chapter 9 Part I) - PC, Linux - GDRIVE
Depth's Revival (Chapter 9 Part I) - MAC - DRIVE
Depth's Revival Chapter 9 Part I) - OFFICIAL ANDROID
Depth's Revival (Chapter 9 Part I) - PC, Linux - MEGA

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Mac download link is broken.


10/10 thanks

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Sadly the Mega Does Not seem to be Working. I have tried 5-7 times and it Fails.the Google does the same thing ( to many DL)


Added a pixeldrain option, hope that one works.

(1 edit) (+1)

Well it Seems to be Working.
Well it worked !!
thank you!!


FYI y'all the most focused path, the Harem, requires you to do incest stuff. I wouldn't bother with game if you're not into that. The singular girl paths aren't being worked til the harem one is done.

I want to join your discord server but the link here is eexpire.

Can you use this link? https://discord.com/invite/pb9962K

is there a link for the older chapters?


I’m glad that it’s just your subconscious and not some godlike being or fairy that says your special so I’ll give you the ability to charm women. 

kinda feel like im missing something is where can i find the older chapters? certian context confused me on how jane is a part of it all but mel isnt no big deal but im assuming i need to play the older chapters to learn more

Hello after I updated my Android version the inc part with Jane is gone . Do you plan on adding it again or is that out of question?

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umm why is this version 8.5 different from the previous one?  I mean when I played 7. version(i dont remember exactly) I had sex with melin(guess im in a(love) relationship with her) and got caught by mrs.bell but not in 8.5.

I have experienced some of the content, I don't know whether it's a BUG or something., this game has no background music at all.

The game doesn't have any music right now, so it is not a bug. I'm just not good at picking a song.


It is suggested that music can be added to the later version, so that the game experience will be better~


Hey, I just finished the current chapter, and I gotta say, I love this game! Thicc Kaylie is best girl 100%. But I gotta know, how do I unlock the 1 Melinda scene? I went Harem route btw.

It is a dream scene on the early chapters if you're on Kaylie's solo path. It's not much of a big scene tho.


Is it possible to make this game downloadable on the itch.io app?

The game's file size is more than 3GB and I couldn't find a way to upload that big of a file to itch.io app.


U can ask support@itch.io to request higher uploading space if u want to / i heard that there is some kind of butler extension that u can use too.

I'll check it out mate.


Alright, thanks!


Amazing, love the work on this. I only ran into one issue in chapter 8 with Imogen's event. Definitely chose to dominate her in the playthrough but once I got to chapter 8 content it switched as though I had chosen the sub route. Not a crazy issue and i see there is another bug that causes some people to not get the event at all so maybe it is in some way related? Not sure, greatly looking forward to more content and progress in the future if you intend to continue working on this project!


Same here.

You can find a fix for that issue on the dev post I've made for Chapter 8 or you can just view the maledom version of the scene on gallery.

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The game looks good tbh the renders, animation, lighting etc, but the Story telling and gameplay? Not really

Story progress way to fast for me like things escalated too quick, mostly the first part things happened way too fast

Gameplay, idk why there's no music at all in the game but that's a big thing that really needed to be added, It feels abit boring without.


Fun so far, and I did not expect that _everyone_ gets pregnant in ch 8 :)

One tip/idea, though: You are aware of renpy's text options?

The normal styled MC name does not really fit the all caps sentence.


instead (Chapter 8.rpy, around line 2650) looks better, imo.

More style options are described in https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/text.html#interpolating-data

Thanks for your game, looking forward to see the story unfold!


Wow, thanks for teaching me that, it indeed will make the scenes better, thanks a lot.


Hi Seacth! I dont know if it is intended, but at chapter 8 the Imogen event for me got skipped. I only know where should it be because i checked the gallery. I follow all route.


It is a bug I'm aware of you can find the fix on my Patreon, couldn't add that fix in here.


hello developer, i've been playing your game for a while and i have some suggestion for the game. when I played the game, the game mostly gives us (the player) a story without much to interact with. although the graphic is quiet good (and the graphic suits my preference, surprisingly), the only thing that I don't like  is the lack of choice in the game.

i don't know if we keep playing the game we will be eventually able to move around, exploring, etc or if its just a game with just a story without exploring (which by the way, sound good to either way). just make sure to add more choice, especially in the beginning of the game, to attract more new player. 


Depth's Revival is my first project, so I've made everything simple because I didn't had any experience of game making or telling a story this big. So there are only some basic choices, but they are impactful that puts the player in a whole different route, and I don't really plan on adding more choices because it's already hard for me to work on all those routes. And as for the sandbox elements, I don't think adding any of that inside the game because it was created like a visual novel in mind, and it will continue on like that.

(1 edit) (+2)

oh okay then. i can get it. you could take my comment before as a suggestion to make it more interactive if you want to make another choice-type game.


I'm going to make another game and yes it will be more interactive, so thanks for your suggestions.


you're welcome 😊😊😊


Hey I think I ran into a glitch? I don't have any audio in game except for the main menu

The game doesn't have any sounds.


Out of all Free Nsfw games i played to this date this has by far the best and smoothest animations i aint gonna cap 


Need help, I don't have any audio ingame except only on the Main Menu

Yeah I got the same problem too.

Do you have to download the patch (https://lewdpatcher.com/game/depths-revival) in order to get any erotic Melinda content at all? Or does it just enable the first kissing scene on the sofa? Because I want to date Melinda (she's cute!), but I don't particularly enjoy the other features of the patch...


nice one, cant wait for more

is there any walktrough that can lead me?

The choices are fairly simple but maybe if you can search the web you can find one.

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oh okay then .. i though there will be a lot of choice . i mean i've play alot of game with "chapter" so it was all have a confused choice .. so this game is diffrent and alike "my new family" etc.. thnkyou for the reply now i will enjoy your game.

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Just created this account today to say that i thoroughly enjoyed the game, i also saw the development log and I'm excited for future chapters and the new game you're gonna create!

Edit: Btw I'm on android and just wondering if future chapter/games support android?


Thanks for your good words, I'm excited about the future as well and yes the next chapter is going to support android.


I thoroughly enjoyed it! Can't wait for another update!


Happy to hear that! I'll be releasing the next update this month.


Good game, can't wait to see more!


Thanks, I'll be releasing the next chapter this month.

If you make your mother jealous by mentioning Mrs. Bell does that effect your relationship with her positively or negatively? 

It doesn't have any bad effect and it might lead to some extra scene with her in the future.


The women on the bed with silver hair caught my interest will be checking it out

Hope you enjoy it ^^


Great work!



Very good!